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April 26, 2017, Prof. Zbigniew Suraj and Dr. Piotr Grochowalski, “Fuzzy Petri Nets Over Interval Triangular Norms”

zspgAbstract. In 2013, the generalised fuzzy Petri nets (GFP-nets) were proposed. This paper describes an extended class of GFP-nets called type-2 generalised fuzzy Petri nets (T2GFP-nets). The new class extends the existing generalized fuzzy Petri nets by introducing a triple of operators (In,Out1,Out2) in a T2GFP-net in the form of interval triangular norms, which are supposed to function as substitute for the triangular norms in GFP-nets. This extension has signicant influence on presentation and analysis of the modelled system by the T2GFP-nets on generalized level abstraction. The proposed approach can be used both for intelligent control design as well as for knowledge representation and reasoning in expert systems.

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